Hello everyone and warmest greetings. My name is Jeff and I’m an alcoholic; currently blessed to be serving as Area 93’s panel 69 Delegate.

Welcome to Spring 2020. As I write this I am filled with sadness and at the same time anticipation. Today, April 19th was supposed to be the first day of the 70th General Service Conference in Rye Brook New York. Instead of being in NY, I am sitting in my home office catching up on A.A. e-mails and assisting in planning our Area’s upcoming events. What a year we are having. For the most part quarantined to our homes. No “in person” A.A. meetings. Thank God for on line. That is where we’ve moved temporarily. Even the conference will be held through teleconference technology. That is my anticipation. I and the other panel 69, and 70 Delegates will be part of the first ever virtual General Service conference. My hope is we can be productive and significant even with the shortened schedule (Sunday May 16th through Tuesday the 19th).

Given our current environment, what a fortunate opportunity PRAASA was, March 6th through 8th in Tucson. The Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly. One of the last large A.A. events before this pandemic arrived and placed practically all of what we do in person on pause. I am grateful I was able to take part, being there with many of you.

Back to our current situation, let’s keep our focus. A.A. is still vital, relevant, and important. We must keep our program and our service work flowing. If the reports I hear are accurate, we may have an influx of new and returning members once we come out the other side of our predicament. Let’s make sure A.A. is ALWAYS there for those who suffer.

It was great to be part of our Area pre-conference workshop on 4/11. I also attended a workshop put on by Area 42, Nevada on March 22nd. Another for District 23, Santa Barbara on March 29. And Area 93 is in the planning stages for another workshop session for the entire Area in early May, just before the virtual conference begins May 16th. Many thanks to those who participate in any or all of these great days of AA service.

Don’t forget to check out the home page of this site to fill out the conference Opinion poll. The results will be used in my conference prep. Any poll posted by May 10th will be downloaded and included.

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have about the conference or anything AA related.

With love in service –

Jeff G.
Area 93, Panel 69 Delegate

69th General Service Conference Documents

Conference Final Report (anonymity protected)

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69th General Service Conference Report Back

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Area 93 Opinion Poll Item Results from the 69th General Service Conference

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Delegate's Report Handout

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2017 Committee Considerations

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2017 Advisory Actions

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2017 Recommendations and Floor Actions Not Resulting in Advisory Actions

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"Grapevine/La Viña Registration"  

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The 67th Annual Meeting of the General Service Conference of

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Workshop Conclusions

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Four Seasons of Service

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"Delegate's Report 67th GSC"
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