Welcome to the Delegate’s corner, and welcome to Winter 2019/2020. My name is Jeff and I’m an alcoholic; currently blessed to be serving as Area 93’s panel 69 Delegate.

As 2019 wound down, I completed my scheduled visits to our Area 93 Districts to give my Conference report back. As I’ve mentioned in my writings and talks of the past year reporting back the actions of the conference is one of the primary duties of the Area Delegate.

I have begun the initial preparation to attend this year’s conference. The theme is “2020; A Clear Vision for You.” I am looking forward to being part of our conference for my last time. What an honor.

Please keep an eye out for our Delegate opinion poll which will be distributed around the beginning of March and due back to me by April 15th. There will also be a pre-conference workshop, this year to be held in Bakersfield. All are welcome.

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have about the results of the 2019 conference, questions about the 2020 conference, or anything AA related.

With love in service –

Jeff G.
Area 93, Panel 69 Delegate

69th General Service Conference Documents

Conference Final Report (anonymity protected)

English             Spanish

Advisory Actions

English         Spanish

69th General Service Conference Report Back

English             Spanish

Committee Considerations

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Conference Quick Reference Page

English          Spanish

Area 93 Opinion Poll Item Results from the 69th General Service Conference

English       Spanish

Delegate's Report Handout

English     Spanish

2017 Committee Considerations

English     Spanish

2017 Advisory Actions

English     Spanish

2017 Recommendations and Floor Actions Not Resulting in Advisory Actions

English     Spanish

"Grapevine/La Viña Registration"  

English    Spanish

The 67th Annual Meeting of the General Service Conference of

English    French     Spanish



Workshop Conclusions

English     Spanish

Challenge Announcement

English     Spanish

​​2017 7-27 Final Day Flyer

w/ Coupon - Area 93

English     Spanish

Four Seasons of Service

English   Spanish

"Delegate's Report 67th GSC"
English        Spanish

Area 93 address: PMB #140 606 Alamo Pintado #3, Solvang, CA 93463