Hello Area 93’s Trusted Servants,
We have reached our second half of Panel 67, it’s been an amazing experience for me and I hope it also has been the same for you.
The 68th. A.A. General Service Conference will be held in New York, NY. April 22nd. Through the 28th, this year’s agenda has 90 items that will be discussed and many of them will be voted at the Conference’s Committees and will become Advisory Actions, others will become Committee Recommendations and some of them, the Committees will take no action.

As your delegate, as stated in our Service Manual, Chapter Six, page S49;
“…it is the delegate’s responsibility to serve the US/Canada Conference as a whole. As voting members of the Conference, delegates bring to its deliberations the experiences and viewpoints of their own Areas. Yet they are not representatives of their areas in the usual political sense; after hearing all points of view and becoming fully informed during Conference discussion, they vote in the best interest of A.A. as a whole”.

Taking Area 93’ Collective Group Conscience to the Conference is a process, the delegate needs to hear your opinion and/or point of view of the many Agenda Items, Area 93 has implemented a method to inform the current delegate before he/she goes to the Conference, the delegate produces questioners, best known as “Opinion Polls”, that are distributed as soon as the background material is available, this opinion polls are handed out to the Fellowship by the delegate and alternate delegate and other Area 93’s Trusted Servants, the intention is that they reach your group and your group’s members, the opinion polls have a due date to be returned to your delegate before he/she goes to the Conference, usually a couple of days before the Conference.

The other method that Area 93 uses to inform the delegate is at the Pre-Conference Workshop, the alternate delegate is the one that organizes the workshop, together with the delegate, creates a program for the event, choose and decide topics for presentations and round tables, volunteers are requested at ACMs and Area Assemblies to participate at the Workshop, conclusions from the round tables are very helpful to gather the Collective Group Conscience of Area 93.
All Area 93 A.A. members are encouraged and welcomed to attend at this annual event, every voice is heard, so please, make plans to participate in the Process, our Pre-Conference Workshop will be March 18th. In Bakersfield, California, visit www.area93.org, or call your alternate delegate for information.
Thank you for allowing me to be of Service.
Melvin M.
Delegate Area 93, Panel 67.